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Barbara Barnett Water Lily (Nymphaea Barbara Barnett, Hybridized 1997)

January 15, 2009

Barbara Barnett is an exquisite water lily hybridized and developed in 1997 by Brad McLane at Florida Aquatic Nurseries.  Described by its creator as “one of the few sunset water lilies”.  This species is non-viviparous and is similar to size and color of the Albert Greenberg water lily.

Barbara Barnett, sunset water lily Hybridized 1997

Barbara Barnett, sunset water lily, Hybridized 1997.  The flowers are described as yellowish-orange with pink tips. The sepal color is descried as orangish-pink with outer greenish to bronze with dark specks.   Stamens are yellow and the flower is cup shaped.  Adult plants have multiple blooms daily about 6-8″ across depending upon container size and regular fertilization. This water lily has a sweet fragrance and makes a decent daily cut flower. The Leaves / Pads: Each pad is dark green with a heavy light and dark burgundy splashed mottling. Adult pads should grow 10-12″ round. Medium to Large spread (3-5′ round).

This champion water lily gets 4.5 of 5 stars

Easy to Grow: Yes

Free Flowering: Yes (Multiple Blooms per day)

Sun light & plant requirements: Minimum 4 hrs direct sunlight to bloom, Calm water – no splash on foliage, plant in 2 – 5 gallon container, 6-24 inches deep. Note the more shallow you plant water lilies the more blooms you get. In cooler climates always plant lilies shallow as warmer water is at the top of the pond.