The “OTHER” Butterfly in the Water Garden. . .

Butterfly Koi Feeding

Butterfly Koi Feeding

Butterfly Koi by Nancy G. deGarmeaux

     Some of the most beautiful fish you can add to your pond are butterfly koi.  Years ago, koi were crossed with Indonesian long finned carp, Kohaku and Showa, in Niigata, Japan. 

Metallic Butterfly Koi

Metallic Butterfly Koi

They were crossed to improve body shape.  Some of the offspring were unusual but not really desirable.  They stopped producing in 1993 due to unreliable results and poor reception in the marketplace.  Once the market was developed, they resumed production. 

     If you should purchase  butterfly koi for your pond, there are some key elements to remember.  The better the conditions in your pond, the better your fish will do.  Always feed your butterfly koi high quality food with little or no fillers.  You need a great filtration system for your pond. 

Red / Orange

Red / Orange

Bacteria and parasites are free-floating at some point in their life cycle and you will want a UV filter to kill these, as they are the culprits for fish kill in your pond.   

      Depending on the size of the butterfly koi you purchase and the size of your pond, your koi should reach  14″ to 15″ in length.  Under ideal conditions, 30″ to 36″ inches in length.  To reach jumbo size, all conditions must be ideal. 

The life span of your koi will depend on the conditions, ie feeding, filtration, pond size,  water quality,etc.  The oldest koi recorded were 70+ years.   A normal life span for your butterfly koi is 20+ years. 

     Butterfly koi are among the most beautiful fish you can add to your pond.   The colors are the same as regular koi but their tails and fins can really be unusual.  They gracefully swim in your pond and are beautiful to watch from any angle.  Blue Butterfly Koi

Your butterfly koi will look forward to being fed and they will watch for you and come  to the area of the pond you are feeding in giving you a front row seat to observe their coloration and “butterfly” fins and tails. 

     If you buy a $20.00 butterfly koi, it will be worth $200 a few years later! Enjoy!

Small Butterfly Fry


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  1. Kelly Jo Says:

    Does anyone know of any koi web-sites that you can select the colors of the koi like in this post? I know I will have to pay more.

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