Welcome Spring…

     Friday spring officially arrived. She may just be sitting on the calendar as morning frost covers the ground again in the Midwest through the east. Colorado and Wyoming and across the northern half of the Midwest are preparing for snow. Not at all uncommon as Denver’s snowiest month is March.

      Next weekend it looks like cold air will again be shoved to northern Texas and snow  is a possibility as far south as Oklahoma City east to St. Lois and north to IL. All week I have been getting requests for order to be sent north for customers as far north as Michigan. When I ask if they will keep the plants inside customers tell me its 70 degrees today or yes in the Garage or greenhouse.

Normal Last Freeze Dates in the USA, proper planting is 7-14 days later.

Normal Last Freeze Dates in the USA, proper planting is 7-14 days later.

       This is common every year but I promise if you can hold out your plants will like you much better. Putting them in a cool or cold pond too early can stunt their growth, keep them dormant for up to 8 weeks. If my proper planting time is May 10th I would rather get my plants May 10th than April 15th, have them begin to go yellow in a garage and then wait until July before they begin bursting into bloom because they have been tricked into thinking it is fall. Our nurseries in Ohio are kept hot and in Florida are very hot. Going to lukewarm weather makes them think its geting cool (IE fall not spring). Having them arrive 2 weeks early they will stop flowering and growing when they get to yuor cool water or feel a few 38 degree nights. Or they begin yellowing indoors without enough direct sunlight. Love your plants, don’t ask for them too early. They are happy in their nice warm greenhouse. Just some advice. But yes we will send them now if you would like them.  

       Today’s blog is half a weather report. As a rule of thumb, I decided years ago its time to put pond plants in the week you plant tomatoes or annuals. The waters warm so much more slowly than the afternoon temperatures, especially below the surface of the water.

Shelf plants like Louisiana Iris start growing in early spring.

In the south spring flowers are probably starting to grow along the shelf as that is where the water will become warmer first, lilies and submerged plants begin growing a little later. Soon spring Louisiana Iris and Marsh marigolds will be in bloom.


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4 Responses to “Welcome Spring…”

  1. Vicki Welsh Says:

    The weather has been very harsh here in North Dakota, we had a snowier than normal winter but not too much colder than normal. Yesterday it was 64 degrees and today we have thunderstorms this morning and up to 8 inches of snow this evening and tonight. We still have plenty of winter left plus now it looks as if flooding on the Red River is possible due to the rain and snow melt. A few months left before my daughter and I can begin gardening.

  2. Clarika Says:

    Hi Zac I added the tadpoles to our pond that arrived Wednesday, we got the hundred on sale over the weekend. We are going to wait and add plants in a few more weeks, our Iris are just starting to come up from last year and I know its not time to add other plants until they are close to blooming. Thank you for all your help. I don’t think we are going to be able to hold on to the early spring I hoped for this year.

  3. Mark Says:

    Do you still prefer using the squat pots over the baskets? I see the baskets are used in this picture.


  4. pondplants Says:

    Hi Mark,
    Yes especially for the bog plants I prefer squat pots. The baskets can let plants grow past the edge and become top-heavy and eventually fall over. -Zac

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