Sacred Lotus

Crystal Beauty Lotus (Availabe Apr-Jun)

Crystal Beauty Lotus (Availabe Apr-Jun)

by Nancy G. deGarmeaux;   Of all the plants you can choose for your water garden or pond, the lotus is truly the aristocrat!  The American Lotus is one of the most striking plants on the planet.   Most of the round, Lily pad like shaped leaves stand high above the water, while the remaining leaves float on or just above it.  The flowers are in shades of  white, pink, yellow and red.   Some with single blooms and some double like the Momo Botan. 

Chawan Basu Lotus (Available Apr-Jun)

Chawan Basu Lotus (Available Apr-Jun)

All lotus are free flowering, once established.  The leaves of the lotus are pale to medium green with a waxy-like satin finish.  The seed pods are unusual when dried and can be used in dried flower arrangements. Lotus’ need soil to root in and can be started in shallow containers or ponds.  Lotus plants are rapid spreaders  and must be confined as to not crowd out other plants.   The lotus plant is revered throughout Southern and South-central Asia.  You will see the “Sacred Lotus” mo-tiff on everything from architecture to embroidery.  Some of the lotus you can enjoy in your garden this year are  Rosy Clouds (red/pink), Perry’s Giant Sunburst (yellow), Empress (white w/tinged pink) and my very favorite, Pekinensis Rubra (red).  I hope you enjoy your water garden this year–remember to be a little adventuresome and try putting the “Sacred Lotus” in a special corner of your pond!                      NGdeG


2 Responses to “Sacred Lotus”

  1. Nelumbo nucifera - Sacred Lotus Says:

    […] Sacred Lotus […]

  2. Jane Henderson Says:

    I have had a momo botan lotus since 2004. We are adding on to our pond this year with a large bog area like you talked about and we are going to try the new Crystal Beauty and Maggie Bell Slocum.

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