Stan Skinger water lily

by Nancy G. deGarmeaux;

     I’m certain that you are aching for some summer sunshine during these cold, wintry days.  The Stan Skinger Water Lily will give you all the “sunshine” you need because of the striking yellow blooms!  The Stan Skinger Water Lily was named after the gentleman, Mr. Stan Skinger who volunteered at the Denver Botanical Gardens  in Denver, CO. 

Stan Skinger @

Stan Skinger @

The Stan Skinger Water Lily is a cross between the N. Golden West and the N. Golden West.  It is yellow when young and orange at maturity, similar to the Golden West.  The pads on the Stan Skinger Water Lily are heavily mottled with maroon streaks on a green background.  The Stan Skinger Water Lily is unique because of it’s flower color and it’s pads. It is one of my favorites and I think it will become one of your favorites as well!  There’s nothing like yellow water lilies when it comes to adding a splash of sunshine to your pond!  Remember that Stan Skinger water lily is a tropical and a great addition to your pond. It is medium in size.  Remember to deadhead your  water lilies and fertilize  them every two weeks.  You get larger blooms and more of them when you remember to do this, Water Garden enthusiasts.  Enjoy!


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