Nancy’s Pond. . .

by Nancy G. deGarmeaux:

     Hello Fellow Water Garden Fans,   Tomorrow is the 1st day of March and the pond season is upon us.  Days are getting longer, we “Spring Forward” next week, and we are all impatient for Spring to arrive.  Zac has asked me to fill in for him on his blog as he is busy on his website getting ready for the 2009 season!  The  pond plants and water lilies that PONDMEGASTORE has to offer this Spring are simply amazing. 

Mr. MARTIN E RANDIG          !!!NEW!!!


  Many of these water lilies aren’t offered anywhere else.    I like to plan what plants I will be adding to my water garden this spring.  I usually start with the plants that I will submerge to oxygenate the water.  Then I like to add bog plants to give some definition to the pond.  Last but not least, I like to imagine  the exquisite water lilies that I will add to my pond.  I try to give my pond as much bloom time and interest as I can.  By bloom time, I mean I add water lilies that bloom day and night.  I add lilies that have longer bloom times throughout the day and that bloom from first bloom til frost.  I add interest by adding complimentary colors with my bog plants and ones with interesting shapes (sword-like leaves, fern-like foliage, spiky blooms,  etc. )  Nothing is quite as peaceful as water lily pads and blooms  “floating” magically on the calm water.  It’s also exciting to hear and see splashing water from the waterfalls and the flash of orange, red, yellow, or white koi or other fish in the water.  Once your plants are established and your snails, toads, frogs and other creatures are making their homes in your water garden surroundings bees and butterflies will be visiting for fly-by snacks or to add beauty just by their presence.     Two plants that I will be adding to my pond are Orange Sedge and Pluumbae Taro.  The Orange Sedge is an aquatic grass that grown 14-18″ tall.  Its’ bright orange color and  narrow blade-like leaves gives unusual color and texture and catches the slightest breeze.  The Taro “Plumbae” has large, shiny plum colored leaves that can grow to 4′ wide.    The Sensitive plant  is a tuber that can be potted or floated in your pond.  It has numerous yellow flowers and leaves that close instantly when touched.  All of these plants should compliment my yellow  Water Snowflake flowers in the calm, shallow end of my pond.  My Moon Dance water lily will add interest with its’ white flowers and mottled pads.  Try to remember not to overfeed your fish.  That’s one of the reasons you might have problems fouling the water.  Your pond is an eco system and the plants and fish create a “balance”.  We hope you enjoy  your water gardens and pond plants as much as I do.  Take care!  Think Spring!


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One Response to “Nancy’s Pond. . .”

  1. Sally Says:

    Thank you for helping with my order Nancy, your pond sounds lovely.

    Sally Strode

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